Taking a hiatus

This post has been a long time coming but in light of everything going on in my life now I feel it’s necessary.

Beginning immediately and for the foreseeable future, I am taking a hiatus from book reviewing in the capacity that I have previously been doing. At one point it was feasible in my life to be able to blow through 85 books in a year, writing reviews for all and not having a backup of books or annoyed authors waiting.

With recent developments, I have seen the amount of time available for me to devote to reading/reviewing be severely decreased as other interests, obligations and issues have crept in to compete for that time. As such I will no longer be taking any new requests. If you have previously asked for a request for me and are still waiting, I plan to work through my backlog as well as maintain my relationships with authors that I frequently review for (you all know who you are). I feel that scaling back to the bare minimum for a while will allow me to still provide reviews as well as accomplish other goals that I have set for myself.

Thank you to everyone who has asked me for a book review over the years. I have really enjoyed discovering authors that I never would have known had it not been for this blog.



9 thoughts on “Taking a hiatus

    1. Yeah. It’s good. I just got buried and what started as fun ended up not being so fun so I need to step back for a bit. Literally some days I felt so bad because my TBR was and is so long I have had people waiting a ridiculously long time. I know that’s probably part of what can be expected but it still bugs me that I made a promise and haven’t fulfilled it.

      I am still reading, just not as voraciously and am not putting myself out there as I used to.

      I also last October started attempting to learn a second (or is it third?) language and I’ve been doing surprisingly well for basically trying to teach myself that I’ve shifted focus into really getting serious about that.


      1. I know the feeling. I’m getting a lot of review discs through to watch right now, but time is becoming far more limited for a while just off trains.
        That’s awesome. What language are you learning?


      2. Believe it or not I’m learning Korean. I started using Duolingo last October and have now branched out into using the TTMIK curriculum (podcasts, you tube videos, workbooks etc.) as well. I figure with as much KPop and KDrama I watch it would be nice to actually know what’s going on without relying on a subtitle.

        Since I’m basically teaching myself it’s slow going but I am now able to actually read, write and understand a little bit so there’s progress and that’s very encouraging.


      3. I think I actually got lucky choosing Korean because Hangeul is basically an alphabet so I can sound out many words I don’t know whereas Japanese and Chinese consist of several thousand characters that you need to memorize. I would like to try my hand at Japanese one day but that’s a long time down the road. I think if I can master Korean and get used to an alphabet that’s not like my native tongue it’ll be easier to pick up.

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      4. Korean has different speech levels depending on who your audience it. That can be tricky because if you use the incorrect one you can come off as being rude. Luckily TTMIK as a rule teaches the polite form first so you start off learning the safest speech level for whoever you are speaking with.

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