A review of “Sharp Edges: (Wildcat Wizard Book 12)” by Al K. Line

Sharp Edges (Wildcat Wizard Book 12) by [Line, Al K.]Full Disclosure – I was provided a copy of the book by the author as a member of his “A-Team”, however, have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own

Destiny Awaits

Sharp Edges is the final in the Wildcat Wizard series of books by Al K. Line. Picking up several months after the close of Sand Storm, Arthur is doing his best to live a quiet, non-danger-filled, life much to Vicky’s dismay. But it seems that the universe has other plans for him when George and Penelope turn up missing. What initially starts out as a birthday prank gone wrong turns inadvertently into the catalyst for the beginning of Arthur’s final and arguably wildest adventure to date. With only one life left and the adversary well known, Arthur must pull out all stops and call in many favors. Because the stakes are so high, this will be the fight of not only his life but the life of the entire magical community. With Cerberus back with a vengeance unlike anything he has ever seen a defeat would be devastating for everybody dear to him.

After having followed the adventures of “The Hat” for nearly three years I feel like with this final installment that I am saying goodbye to a friend – and honestly, I have dragged my feet on this review because I really don’t want this series to end. I am pleased to see that my sentiments seem to have been similar to the author’s very own as Sharp Edges not only is a great send-off, but also a nostalgic walk down memory lane with the return of some previous characters for one final stand against their ultimate enemy. But familiar characters aside, Line still has time to introduce us to a new character in the form of “Betty” the enchanted sword who seems set to be a thorn in Wand’s side for many years to come even if we the reader are not there to witness it. Even leading up to the final chapters, I was secretly hoping that the Hat had one final trick up his sleeve and that the outcome we all knew was coming wouldn’t happen, but all good things must come to an end and unfortunately for me, that also includes this series.

Now that this series is finished I can’t wait to see what new cast of characters Line dreams up for his next series, but while there are still some unanswered questions for me at least – I am also hoping for a return to tie up loose ends or check on those that the Hat left behind.

5 thoughts on “A review of “Sharp Edges: (Wildcat Wizard Book 12)” by Al K. Line

    1. I believe he had another one stashed in his infinite bag in Satan’s Breath? It’s been a while since I’ve read it but I do remember that the crew went there after they returned from the arctic.


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