A review of: “Ella: is one of many” by Carol James Marshall

Full disclosure, I was provided a copy of this book by the author, however, have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own


One of a kind, yet one of many…


Abandoned as a child and raised by adoptive parents, Ella has always been different. Her uniqueness doesn’t stop at her looks, though, and her pale eyes and silvery almost iridescent hair that under the right light sparkles with greens and pinks has caught the attention of more than one person over the years. Ella is different and has been painfully aware of this from a young age. Sheltered by her mother and her secret protected, she has no idea even how to explain it to those around her or even if she should for fear of being shunned. As a result of her uniqueness and special abilities, she is resolved to leading a primarily nomadic existence.  Roaming from town to town as a traveling nurse, Ella strives to lay low and be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. While not content, at least she’s safe and that’s what matters.  That was before. Before she met Jenny and Audrey. Now, having experienced love and affection Ella no longer wants to lay low. Ella is sick of staying in the shadows, but will her foray into the light bring destruction to those who care about her? Ella needs to know if her secret once disclosed brings acceptance or open a Pandora’s box of trouble that can’t ever be closed.


Ella is the newest novella by author Carol James Marshall and follows the main character on a journey of growth and self-discovery. As a stranger in a strange land with an appetite for the bizarre, Ella attempts to navigate a world that may not accept her if they knew who she truly was. The problem is that Ella doesn’t really know who she is herself. I really love how Marshall tackles the age-old questions of “who am I?”, “where did I come from?” and “ why am I here?” from an angle that may have the more conspiracy-oriented reader looking over their shoulder or giving a unique looking stranger a more critical eye. Ella is seeking acceptance and for a time she gets it, but she realizes that acceptance doesn’t always equal peace.


Even though Ella is shorter than Marshall’s other offerings, it is no less full of action, adventure, comedy, and tragedy. I still find myself thinking about Ella and he plight long after I have read the final pages. I would recommend Ella for anyone who primary likes Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Paranormal genres but truly Ella is a story that I feel will appeal across many readers, genres and walks of life



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