A review of “-100: A Time-Travel Horror Romance” by Jonathan Maas

-100: A Time-Travel Horror Romance by [Maas, Jonathan]Full disclosure, I was provided with a copy of this book by the author, however, I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.


To change your future, change your past


Kela and Adam seem to be made for each other. She is brilliant beyond measure and Adam gets her even when nobody else does. So, when Kela discovers the secret to time travel and can send her consciousness back in time she naturally cannot wait to share this groundbreaking information with Adam but before she can, he breaks up with her. Unsure how this turn of events happened or why Kela can only do one thing with this news:


Go back and undo the relationship.


Kela sets out to send her future self back in time to systematically undo the last 100 days of her relationship with Adam but once begun, it seems that time cannot be undone. Kela and Adam are in for the ride of their lives as they are faced with the realities of why time travel is not to be attempted ever.


Checking in at a little under 200 pages, do not let the length of this book cause you to underestimate this story. Jonathan Maas has crafted a story that is every bit as cerebral and philosophical as it is fantastical and whimsical. As the reader is taken back into Adam and Kela’s relationship and we see future Kela’s efforts to destroy their bond the framework is set for a love story like no other. Once again, Maas proves that there is not a genre that he is unable to tackle with authority. Not being one for the typical romance, I really love how Maas illustrates that love can take many forms and be expressed in ways that are not typical. With such complex concepts and incredible events packed in between the pages, -100: A Time Travel Horror Romance will be a story I find myself contemplating for a long time to come.


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