A Review of “Burn: A Sam Jameson Thriller” by Lars Emmerich

Full disclosure, I was provided with an advanced copy of this book from the author however I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

Sam Jameson is back whether she likes it or not

Burn is the newest installment in the Sam Jameson series of thrillers by Lars Emmerich and chronicles heroine Sam Jameson’s life in the months after the explosive conclusion of  “The Blowback Protocol”. Having lost the love of her life, Brock due to her unwillingness to leave her post at Homeland Security, Sam has fallen into a deep depression and has become a virtual recluse in South Carolina. After rejecting everything that defined her for many years, she falls into a life consisting mainly of eating, watching movies and moping. When she receives an unexpected visit by a face from her past, Sam finds herself unwillingly drawn back into the spy game. Without the protection or backing of the US Government, Sam and once adversary Peter Kitteredge match wits with the mob, the FBI and an influential power player that Sam thought was dead. Sam is pushed to her limits as she tries to discover the reason why she was dragged back into the lifestyle she had recently abandoned and may not escape a second time.

Burn is a follow up to “The Blowback Protocol” and takes place a several months after the explosion that culminates with several power players taken out while Sam looked on. Burn sees Jameson as emotional and extremely vulnerable, with that vulnerability permeating every aspect of her life. Sam’s latest adventure if you can call it that opens old wounds and resurrects even older personal demons. To say that the last quarter of this book is a shocker nowhere does this story justice. Suffice it to say that if we see another Sam Jameson thriller in our future, it will be with a much different person than we have seen thus far.

Burn is recommended for anyone who likes crime novels with a twist and a strong female lead. While this is one in a series of novels featuring Samantha Jameson, this book works well as a stand alone novel in addition to part of the larger picture.

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