A Review of “The Moonglow Café” by Deborah Garner

Full Disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review

Big Sky Country

The Moonglow Café is the second book in the Paige McKenzie series by Deborah Garner.

Taking place shortly after “Above the Bridge” Paige has returned to her fast-paced Manhattan lifestyle and resumes daily activity at the newspaper. An upcoming gemstone convention in the area results in another unusual assignment. This time Paige is requested to travel to Timberton, Montana for an in-depth piece on the yogo sapphire, which is exclusive to this region of the country. After the success of her Jackson Hole piece, Paige happily agrees since this will also put her closer to Jake and the possibility of seeing him again. Upon arrival, Paige checks into the Timberton Hotel and is intrigued by its charm and the hospitality of the owner. After visiting the neighboring Moonglow Café and its eclectic proprietor Mist, she is taken by the entire area and the residents. Her research seems to be taking her to dead ends with not very much information and Paige starts to wonder if her article will ever even get off the ground. Upon finding an old diary in her room another angle presents itself; was Timberton also the home of a brilliant artist? As she attempts to write her article and unravel the mystery of the diary and its contents Paige finds herself in the middle of one doozy of a mystery. True to her investigative nature, she is determined to get the bottom of the mystery and have her article turned in in time for the conference.

The Moonglow Café is an excellent follow up to Above the Bridge. The more I see Paige taken out of the hustle and bustle of New York and into the slower paced Midwest it seems that this is truly where she belongs. She has a heart to help everyone, and it really shows with Mist, Clive and Betty. While her curiosity does tend to get her into trouble, her New York street smarts are there to help her find her way out. Jake also plays prominently the tale, as his impromptu visits to Montana to surprise and ultimately join in the search for Paige really goes to show that he is falling for Paige just as she is falling for him.  Just like Above the Bridge, The Moonglow Café is packed full of unique characters, neat history and tidbits of trivia that lets the reader really immerse themselves in the story. Honestly, the further I get into this series the more I am enjoying the uniqueness of the characters and their stories. I have already got the other two books in the series on my “to be read” list and I’m sure they will be just as good.

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