A review of “Executive: A Thriller” by Leslie Wolfe


Welcome to the Agency

Alex Hoffman is a talented Information Technology analyst and arguably one of the best in her current field.  Having achieved much in her 29 years, Alex is blindsided when she is suddenly let go at her job without any warning or reason. When she stumbles across a job posting in her search that seems tailor made for her abilities and goal she feels that this could be too good to be true. The online application, while bizarre, piques her interest and when an interview is offered she jumps at the chance to learn more about this enigmatic company. As her employment progresses, Alex learns that she has been chosen to join a small but important entity whose mission is to partner with various companies to integrate and uncover possible corporate subterfuge. Alex’s rookie assignment with the Agency seems simple enough; she must pose as a new executive in a well-established tech and machinery manufacturing company to attempt to uncover the source or recent possible leaks that have led to a drop in the company’s stock.  Once inside the company, it becomes apparent that the problems plaguing Nanotech may be worse than initially anticipated with Alex’s curiosity has placing a target squarely on her back.

Having previously read “The Ghost Pattern” which is book number 4 in the Alex Hoffmann series of thrillers by Leslie Wolfe, I was already acquainted with many of the characters. It was good to rewind and witness Alex’s origins with the team and become more acquainted with the Agency and their work. I loved how the story progresses and we see how influential the Agency is in everything from acquiring Alex to consulting with their sometimes-high profile clients and leading their investigations to their conclusion. Alex’s experiences at Nanotech are downright nightmarish. Reading some of the board room meeting practically gave me anxiety. Having been in a similar work culture in the past, it’s easy to imagine that this sort of stuff happening more often than anyone would like to mention. The fact that Nanotech is a company that specializes in drone production with military contracts also adds in a current element that leaves the reader wondering about the overall safety of this type of technology and what can happen if this knowledge finds its way into the wrong hands.

Executive is a solid story with a great premise and action that will have the reader on the edge of their seat. After having read Executive, I am ready to delve in to the other books Alex Hoffmann series to see what else life in the Agency has in store for her and her team.


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