A review of “GIFTS (The Spark Form Chronicles Book 3)” by Matt Doyle

Full disclosure, I was provided with a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

What exactly do you get a Spark Form for Christmas?


GIFTS, the third book in the Spark Form Chronicles finds John Forrester and his sentient companion Carnival six months after the 43rd Annual Spark Form World Championship. Having taken things easy in recent months, John and Carnival are ready to get back to action, but due to the strain on his heart, John can no longer compete live. The result will be playing the game the “old fashioned” way, filmed backstage with the Spark Forms of the competitors replaying the action as it unfolded for the audience. Christmas is also fast approaching and John is finding it harder and harder to keep his Christmas gift for Carnival a secret. What John doesn’t know is that his companion also has a surprise Christmas gift up her sleeve for him.


First, I must say that I loved catching up with John, Carnival and all the other characters of the Spark Form World.  A few questions that I had after “CARNIVAL” were answered with this update and that has put me in the mood for more. The addition of the Spark Forming game rules after the novella was a nice touch. My only complaint with this would be that I felt it was too short. Yeah, yeah I know… Novella and all that but I really loved these characters and this world is so full of potential that I wanted more. If you have already read “WICK” and “CARNIVAL” you will most likely find this as enjoyable as I did. If you are new to the series, but are a fan of professional wrestling, Manga or competitive card games such as Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh you should check this series out. They’re definitely worth the read.


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