A review of “Conspiracy: Global Warming” By Lucian


Full Disclosure, I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Hoax or Real?

Exploring one of the most controversial hotbed topics facing the world today, Lucian has woven a tale of political corruption, lies, cover-up and suspense like nothing I have read in a long time.

The story opens with a nervous Climatology expert and tenured professor at the University of Michigan frantic for his safety. Throughout the course of his research, he has discovered some shocking information that, if released, could be the ruin of the Solar industry. Meeting his demise before he can get the word out, it is up to his student assistant and a campus cop to finish what he started… or die trying.

Global Warming starts fast, doesn’t let up and for a good portion, it’s almost unclear what it is that has people in high places willing to kill to keep secret. As the Professor’s assistant and campus cop are chased practically across country, the tentacles of the conspiracy in play are revealed to be far reaching and well-funded. For the astute reader, the author does leave a clue in such a way this is brilliant and may also be overlooked. If you’re looking for shootouts and car chases, this story is rife with them as more and more people and law enforcement personnel are dragged into the mix.

As usual with all of Lucian’s stories I love the “this could happen” aspect. With Global Warming in particular but also with “Population Elimination”, there is a ripped from the headlines quality that explores an issue or concern of the day and exploits it in the worse possible scenario. Even while reading these works of fiction, and knowing some of the current political scandals that have erupted, once cannot help but contemplate if there isn’t a grain of truth in these stories.


Global Warming definitely had me from beginning to end and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes a good political thriller.

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