A review of “The Clowns” by Tim McBain & LT Vargus

Not your normal creepy clowns

Perfect for Halloween, and piggy backing off the recent real life creepy clown sightings in the US, McBain and Vargus unleash this delectable little morsel on the world. Very reminiscent of an old 80’s slasher flick, “The Clowns” follows two outcast teens as they band together to stop an ever-growing horde of murderous clowns from terrorizing their city. The catch seems to be that they are the only ones that truly know what is going on. As the duo uncover the truth of this clown plague they realize that there is more at stake this Devil’s Night then just petty mischief.

Not very many books have me looking over my shoulder, but this one did. Especially on those pre-dawn moments prior to starting my work day while I was outside reading a chapter or two my mind often manufactured a rustle in the woods off to my right or a glint of light off a sharp object in my peripheral vision. While not a long book, The Clowns still delivers with an abundance of suspense, gore and a cruel twist of fate. The novella seems to be written more with a teen audience in mind, but for those of us far removed from middle and high school this could also be a brilliant injection of nostalgia as, for me at least, the school environment depicted wasn’t too far from my own.

So… in a nutshell, The Clowns is dark, bleak, with a bit of “The River’s Edge” kind of feel as our two teenage anti-heroes traipse around the town at all hours of the day and night. If you’re looking for something that’s a lot scary a tad comedic and reminding you of days gone by, this book delivers.

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