A review of “Are Zombies Real?” by Perrin Briar

A nice little compilation of history and facts

Having written quite a few novels in the ZA genre, Perrin Briar has offered up a bit of non fiction in the form of some of the research he has compiled regarding zombies and infections. Not a long book, it was still very intriguing and well researched. Written very much like a bit of formal research, once you get past the introduction, the book is split into separate sections dealing with specific topics:

  1. The History of Zombies details some widely known myths and beliefs of zombies from the past including a few real life examples.
  2. Zombies in Nature discusses possible pathogens and their similarity to a traditional zombie virus. (I must admit that the information provided regarding Toxoplasmosis will have me looking at “crazy cat ladies” in a whole new light from now on!)
  3. Zombie Apocalypse – Could it Happen? Posits that we may already be survivors of many prior cataclysmic events including specific event in history as well as genetic support for why certain areas or people are more vulnerable to certain diseases than others.
  4. Apocalypse Survival: What you might not already know provides suggestions for what you do and do not want to do if you find hell breaking loose and no order or control. Not quite a prepping section, this area does offer up some tidbits of information that even the most avid prepper may not have considered.

While I know a book of this type is not for everyone, if you have an hour or so and are up for a well thought out, informative read that will even have you chuckling at points if you’re anything like me, then this book is for you.

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