A review of “Beyond the Divide (Fractured Legacy, #2)” by Skye Callahan

Originally posted to Goodreads – June 2015

A great sequel to Fractured Legacy! As usual I read it in record time and …

When’s the next one??

Sorry, I’m not one for long winded semi pretentious reviews. If I like a book I like it and I really liked this one. I also don’t like picking apart someone else’s work. I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to write a book only to have someone critique it. I know authors appreciate honest reviews, but I’ll leave the “Book Club dissertations” to the others.

That being said, seeing Kaylyn evolve from the person she was in the first book until now was very interesting. It was almost so subtle I didn’t really notice it until late into the book. I also loved the budding romance aspect of Kay and “Sir Ass”.

Please please please release book three soon! I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the meathead ex boyfriend. Maybe the Teague entity will take care of him? 😉

Please? 🙂


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