A review of “The Orlando File (Murder, Mystery & Eternal Youth #1)” by Ian C.P. Irvine

Originally posted to Goodreads in June 2014

Going into this book I thought “Cool, another book that is based in Florida”. Being a near Florida native myself, I truly appreciate fiction set in my home state.

After reading this book, I am left thinking that quite possibly a Florida setting wasn’t the best of choices. The premise is great and I am still debating reading the second half but any resemblance to actual places in Florida aside from the mention of a larger city or landmark was fairly lacking. Also, with this being a British author, the mention of “balmy” in the same sentence with “30 degrees” doesn’t make much sense. For us using the Fahrenheit scale, that’s freezing!

Those items aside, however I did like the story and would probably have given it a higher rating under different circumstances.

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