A review of “Blood Ties (Notes of Necrosoph Book 6)” by Al K. Line

Full Disclosure – I was provided a copy of the book by the author as a member of his “A-Team”, however, have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

“Blood Ties” is scheduled for a September 9, 2022 release

Thicker Than Water

Freshly back from surviving another yearly note, Soph and the family attempt to destress and recover, but Malka’s awakening does not bode well. No sooner than he has returned home, the reclusive faery queen advises that the Brewer is in dire need of Soph’s help. But finding the Brewer is not as easy as it seems as Soph is warped to an undisclosed location. When he finally meets up with his friend, it become evident that he may need to Brewer’s help as much as the Brewer needs Soph. With his friend squared away Soph returns home to a distraught Phage and Jen but before he can settle in and recover for another year he is called out for his yearly quest. There is absolutely no rest for our favorite Necro as he sets out to dispatch his duties in what is arguably the weirdest installment in this series to date.

Blood Ties is the sixth in the ongoing Notes of Necrosoph series by author Al K. Line and this one is a definite ride spanning probably the longest length of time yet as far as storyline goes. In Blood Ties we finally get an update on the Brewer including his whereabouts and back story. With the Brewer being this elusive, almost hermit of a character, I am not sure what I was expecting once we got to this point, but I can say this was not it. And true to the title, Blood Ties encompasses both literal and figurative connections as almost at every turn and we are introduced to a few new characters. Once character in particular I did not get a “warm and fuzzy” feeling from, so it will be interesting to get to know these characters to see if my initial perception is correct or completely off.   I also love how at the end of the day, when the note is completed Soph returns to his home to continue to attempt to live quietly, or as quietly as a Necro can. This additional splash of normalcy in a world that is anything but, I feel helps to ground the characters and make them relatable to the average reader. I have been reading this author since 2012 when I first discovered the Zombie Botnet series, and he has never failed to take a genre or a concept and add his own twist to create something completely his own. When the cast of characters include some pretty fleshed out and recognizable fantasy icons the ability to bring something new to the table where vampires or zombies are concerned is refreshing. So with the sixth installment down, I am looking forward to the next book Spy Games and the new developments in this strange future dystopia that Line has created and I am already speculating what could be in store for Soph and his extended family next.

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