A review of “We Hide Our Faces (Horror Lurks Beneath Book 3)” by Ben Farthing

Full disclosure – I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book by the authors but have voluntarily provided a review. All opinions are my own.

The Deviser is back for a final stand

Two years have passed since the incident at the Richmond skyscraper that saw Eddie and his dad Chris fighting an otherworldly entity known as the Deviser, but Eddie still jumps at shadows and looks over his shoulder. So, when he senses an eerie presence stalking him through the halls of the school where his dad is currently a professor he is not surprised and only wishes for his dad and him to escape. But when the Technician that is following them takes his dad into the local library Eddie knows that their time has run out. The Deviser is back, and it is after Eddie. Enlisting the help of his grandfather, Eddie bravely enters the library in search of his father. True to his memory and as the Deviser has done in the past the building has been vastly altered.  Eddie and his grandfather must avoid the traps and pitfalls set in their way and figure out the secrets if he ever wants to see his dad again.

Cam is also moving on with her life. Struggling with juggling her 911 operator job and school she is still haunted by the sights she experienced in the Skyscraper with Eddie. When she is unceremoniously collected by military types and shuttled to an aircraft carrier in the middle of the sea to “consult” on the recent sinking of the Aria of the Seas the nightmares of the past come flooding forward. Joined by Riley, a former Aira passenger who helped Chris in routing the Deviser in its most recent attempt to gain access to our world, the duo attempts to cooperate as much as they can. But when a person comes onto the scene that they thought had died, their missing changes to staying alive and putting an end to the Deviser once and for wall. With our world and the Deviser’s colliding, it is a race to rescue Chris and close of the portal to seal off the Deviser’s dimension once and for all.

We Hide our Faces is the third and final book in the Horror Lurks Beneath series by author Ben Farthing. In this final book the action begins within the first few paragraphs and does not stop until the very end. The book follows two parallel narratives that weave into the overall plot. The main action takes place primarily with Eddie and his grandfather exploring the library to locate and rescue Chris. Simultaneously and almost halfway across the world Riley and Cam have been compelled with assist the military in their pursuit to locate the rip in our reality that is allowing the Deviser access to our world and to close it. But true to form with this series all is not black and white and sometimes even the grey areas have grey areas. As the event unfold with the various twists and wrinkles in time, Farthing takes what appears to be an impossible task and skillfully take the series to a conclusion that while will leave the reader wondering if this is truly the end. If you are a fan of the bizarre, Lovecraft-esque monsters, weird worlds, and a cast of characters you just cannot help but root for, please give this series a shot. You will be glad that you did.

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