A review of “Mermaid Confidential: A Novel (Serge Storms Book 25)” by Tim Dorsey

Mermaid Confidential: A Novel (Serge Storms Book 25) by [Tim Dorsey]

Full disclosure – I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book by the author or their representative but have voluntarily provided a review. All opinions are my own.

Slowing Down – Serge style!

After a breakneck trip all over Florida tracking distant and equally clueless relatives in Tropic of Stupid, Serge decides that it’s time to slow things down. Mermaid Confidential sees Serge and Coleman renting an “Old Florida charm” condo unit in the Keys and immersing themselves in the Salt Life.  But do not let that fool you as nothing is ever slow for Serge and Coleman. As the duo quickly endear themselves to residents of Pelican Bay they become the darlings of the complex when Serge sets out to resolve the residents’ various conflicts. Serge also catches the eye of a few other residents which results in the duo volunteering at a children’s hospice, taking up kite surfing, and befriending a local law enforcement officer. When a threat descends on the community, Serge and Coleman find themselves caught in the crossfire of one of the weirdest gunfights in recent memory.

Mermaid Confidential is the newest and 25th book in the long-running Serge Storms series of books by Florida author Tim Dorsey. Having read all of Dorsey’s prior books in this series it never ceases to amaze me how entertaining the Serge character is. Truly this is the only author that I will pre-order the book and then put everything on hold on the release date to sink myself into the duo’s latest antics. Dorsey’s brand of madcap, coffee-fueled, trips across the Sunshine State never fails to be entertaining as well as educating. Those random facts that Serge spouts are not so random as I have found, and this has made me appreciate the history of my home state.  While Dorsey’s brand of humor is not for everyone, those of us with a sick sense of humor and a love/hate relationship with the “Freakshow” state will become fast fans. Whether you are a long-time fan or a first-time reader of this cast of characters Mermaid Confidential will have you cracking up and wondering what antics Dorsey will mastermind in his next installment.

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