A Review of “Zombie: A Horror Novel (The Cursed Manuscripts)” by Iain Rob Wright

Zombie: A Horror Novel (The Cursed Manuscripts) by [Iain Rob Wright]

Full disclosure – I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book by the author or their representative but have voluntarily provided a review. All opinions are my own.

Night of terror

Stranded on a rural English road, a couple witnesses a horrible accident. But when they attempt to assist, the driver they are shocked when he screams at them to get away. The transport van has a nightmarishly unlikely passenger and the duo watch in shock as the driver is attacked by his “cargo”. With their only hope of survival being hiding in their disabled car with their terrified daughter, the couple waits desperately for rescue. But when their best chance of survival also falls victim to the monsters outside, the couple decides to take their small daughter and flee. With the number of zombies growing with each new unsuspecting bystander that happens by the site, they soon realize that there is nowhere to run. Finally, after stumbling upon a farmhouse in the remote country, they believe that they have escaped the terror. Their hope quickly turns to dismay as the pursuing dead manage to find a way inside. Things go from bad to worse when the “rescue crew” arrives. With their lives at stake Laura realizes that if she and her daughter are going to survive, it will take a miracle.

Zombie is the second in the new “Cursed Manuscripts” series by Author Iain Rob Wright and for this offering we see him make a successful return to his roots. Having first discovered this author back in 2013 during a time when I was reading primarily Zombie-themed novels I was drawn to many of Wright’s titles. This led me to expand out to reading more of his novels and has solidified his position as one of my favorite indie authors to date. Zombie has a familiar storyline, but Wright has managed to take a well-loved and often stereotypical topic and add a twist. In many zombie novels, the reader is only exposed to the aftermath of the outbreak, not the cause. Zombie explores a possible cause that is as sinister as it is brilliant.

Do not write this story off as a “been there, done that” run-of-the-mill zombie story. Within the pages of this “cursed manuscript” Wright has also woven a story of strength, escape, and determination that is refreshing to see on all levels.

If you are looking for a gory, classic zombie read that will not disappoint and leave you hoping for a part two Zombie is sure to check all the boxes. While this is considered the second in the Cursed Manuscripts series, all books are structured to also be standalone offerings as each story is a completely new story and independent of the previous titles.

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