A review of: “A Wizard’s Choice: The Magicals Series, #2” by Maya Tyler

A Wizard's Choice: The Magicals Series, #2 by [Tyler, Maya]Full disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the authors; however, I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

A Wizard’s Choice is scheduled for a July 17 release

An Impossible Choice


Kurtis Warde is a wizard apprentice. His father is a wizard and so is his grandfather. It would be a natural conclusion that Kurtis would make The Choice and join The Circle as well, but the closer that day draws, the more conflicted he becomes. Making The Choice would solidify his standing as a Wizard, but the cost would be forfeiting any chance of exploring life outside the magical world. Kurtis is not sure that he is ready to commit, especially if that means never having the opportunity to pursue Dee, the fiery Vampire that has caught his eye and haunts his dreams. As Kurtis attempts to determine which path he should take, he meets Alina, a mysterious life coach. As he gets to know her, he learns more of his parentage including discovering a secret that has been guarded for his entire life. As he becomes a pivotal figure in a centuries-old feud it makes his choice all that much more difficult to make. When it’s duty or desire on the line the decision will never be easy.


A Wizard’s Choice is the second in the Magicals series of books by author Maya Tyler. As a follow up to last year’s A Vampire’s Tale, this book serves well to continue an overall storyline, but as the narrative is not linked to the first in the series it also works well as a stand-alone novel. I really adored A Vampire’s Tale and was captivated by the chemistry between Corgan and Marisa, and Tyler makes sure to include a small but very important follow up with them in the early chapters of this installment. A Wizard’s Choice continues the theme of a romance novel that is less in your face and more of a slow burn. For me, that was the best part as Tyler really excels at crafting a story that will draw you in on all aspects and leave you wanting more. Where Corgan and Marisa’s story was very simplistic, with Kurtis’ journey we are introduced to a more complex sort of relationship – not only in the form of a possible love triangle, but also the internal political struggles of the magical community. As this world continues to evolve and we are introduced to more players and situations, I am really looking forward to what further developments are on the horizon not only with Kurtis, Alina, Dee, Corgan, and Marisa but any other Magical that Tyler introduces.

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