A review of “Prosperity in the Eyes of God: Keys to a Prosperous Life” by Laura Quirino Castro

Prosperity in the Eyes of God: Keys to a Prosperous Life by [Quirino Castro, Laura]

Full disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the author; however, I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.


Tips to prosper in all areas of your life.


Prosperity in the Eyes of God” is a quick read by author Laura Quirino Castro and offers practical insight into achieving success in all areas of your life. Written from the point of view of the author, the book provides anecdotal examples from the author’s personal life in addition to scripture to illustrate and bolster her points. For me, this helped to make the book feel less like a “how to” or “self-help” and more of a person having a conversation with the reader and sharing their thoughts.

For the most part, the revelations in this book aren’t earth-shattering ideas in the least, but rather more common sense. Even with that being said, sometimes, it takes someone else to point the ideas out before the answers become clear. While this is heavily laden with scripture and off and on evangelization and that alone may turn people off, the book is still worth a look, if for no other reason than to see if Quirino Castro has offered up an idea that speaks to and works for you.

With all books of this nature, however, it is always important to bear in mind that this is one person’s view and method. Even though this book relies heavily upon Biblical principle and scripture, it is up to the reader to determine if what is being said rings true. Don’t be afraid to pull out your own Bible or do like I did and consult with your pastor if you encounter topics or stances that do not seem to align with your understanding.

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