A review of “Scavenger Girl book 3 – Season of Hytalia” by Jennifer Arntson

A review of “Scavenger Girl book 3 – Season of Hytalia” by Jennifer Arntson
Rainy Season

Full disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the author; however, I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own. Season of Hytalia is scheduled for an early October 2018 release

Season of Hytalia is the third book in the Scavenger Girl series by author Jennifer Arntson. Having survived hell at the hands of the Authority, Una is ready to leave the dark months of Talium behind is returned to her family as the rains of Hytalia begin. The solace is short-lived, however, after a series of unwanted visitors ends with Calish in the employ of the Authority and Una in the arms of the Resistance. As she learns to adapt in this strange community where everyone is treated equally, and her gifts no longer must be hidden Una can’t help but wonder where Calish is and what he is doing. After another terrifying vision comes to pass that leaves Ashlund irrevocably changed, Una leaves the safety of the Resistance in search of her missing love.  As she travels through the broken land, many questions are answered but new problems arise that could spell disaster for her entire family.

As another brutal season in Ashlund comes to an end, I am beginning to wonder how only the strongest can survive in this land filled with a murderous government, vicious outlaws and brutal seasons. While not as suspenseful as Talium was, Hytalia packs its share of surprises and shocks as Una and Marsh leave their family and is taken in by the Resistance. This strange community takes a while for them to get used to and for probably only the second time in her life, Una is not looked upon with scorn or hatred because of her lack of birthright. I love the addition of fellow seer and mentor Nik as part of the resistance camp, but I am also very curious as to his past. There was a moment where Una saw into his past and it made me think that maybe has or will play more of a role in her life than just a teacher and friend. As with Talium, the ending of Hytalia is satisfying and provides closure to the season in a way that could easily wrap up the saga it this point if Arntson intended. I am pleased to know that there is more to this story to be told and as the season of Toridia looms, I can only imagine what more savage trials await Una and her family.

I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – if you are a fan of dystopian novels that are not cliché, with a strong female lead and storytelling that will have you laughing crying and screaming all within the space of a few chapters please give the Scavenger Girl series a read. You will not be disappointed.


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