A review of “BLONOTE” by Tablo

Thoughts for all seasons of life


Blonote is a book of thoughts and pithy statements by Korean artist Tablo. Written during his time as a late-night DJ and used as show closer in lieu of the standard “goodnight”, Blonote is an easy read that I finished in one sitting. While it is true that many of the sayings aren’t anything new, there were also quite a few that made me stop and think. As I read my way through this book I couldn’t help but feel like I was getting a glimpse into some of the more personal feelings of the author. In quite a few instances, I could feel the pain, frustration or anger in the words.

If I had to pick a few stand-outs to quote, for me, there really were too many to choose from, however,  I will say that a few of my favorites are: “Parents. Next time you wish you got to choose them, remember that they also didn’t choose you.”, “I want to leave for somewhere I won’t want to leave” and “A child smiles at a butterfly and cringes at a moth. The moth is confused.”

If you are an Epik High fan or a fan of Tablo’s solo work in the world of K-Pop I would recommend picking up Blonote. While I understand that this book may not appeal to everyone, for those who are familiar with the author and his other ventures I would classify this as a “must read”.

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