A Review of “Tar: An apocalyptic horror novella” by Iain Rob Wright

Revenge knows no boundaries


What do you get when you combine a failed experiment, mass extinction event and one pissed off older brother hell-bent on revenge?  You get “Tar” – the newest novella from Iain Rob Wright.

While not a long book, Tar checks in at approximately 230 pages, this story really packs a punch with regard to action and suspense. Finn is desperate to hunt down his sister’s murderer and avenge her death but doesn’t have the luxury of time as the Tar creeps ever closer. As usual in a story such as this if that weren’t bad enough, there is also the element of the other survivors functioning as the “wild card” element.

This was a really quick read and of course, I pretty much adore anything that IRW writes. A few incidental characters seemed eerily similar to other novels, but for me that added more to the story. It’s not uncommon to have cameos of characters from his other books in the IRW created universe, why would this book be any different? It’s sort of like little “Easter Eggs” for loyal readers.


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