A review of “Legion” by Iain Rob Wright

To be posted to Amazon and Goodreads – May 2016.

Full disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the Author as part of his Advanced Reader’s group.

Hell on Earth

“Legion” – the second in the “Gates” series by Iain Rob Wright takes place simultaneously with the timeline of the initial book.

Mysterious stones have turned up overnight all over the Earth. Touching one brings certain death, but that’s only the beginning. The stones eventually transform into shimmering gates that act as portals for the denizens of Hell to spew forth and wreak their havoc. The Earth falls fairly easily, but there are a few scattered groups of people who resist, share information and even gain a foothold in the struggle to defeat their mortal enemy.  What seems like a hopeless, win-less situation serves to bolster the spirits and resolve of those left behind. The question is; can they beat back Hell itself to regain the life they once held dear, or is all lost?

The way this book dovetails seamlessly with the first in the series is a brilliant piece of work. I love how “the rest of the story” gets told in a few circumstances which gives this point in time a level of depth that was definitely needed to make a good story great. Legion, while a continuation of sorts, also works well as a stand-alone novel, with the back stories further explored in the follow up becoming the main plot lines and the blanks are filled in with the Gates.

All in all a great read with characters that grow on you. I am eagerly anticipating catching up with the survivors when the story continues.





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