A review of Blood Memory Season 1 Episode 2 by Perrin Briar

A solid continuation to what is shaping up to be a very good series

This is the second installment in the Blood Memory series by Perrin Briar that follows a group of survivors through the Zombie Apocalypse as they try to start over on the sea.

Picking up immediately after Season 1 Episode 1 ends, we find Jordan washed up on the beach in the aftermath of the storm that destroyed “Haven” and sent the inhabitants of the small ship overboard into the angry sea. While not all survive the storm and subsequent wreck of the Haven, those who remain set out to procure a new boat in an attempt to travel to the Indian Ocean; where it is rumored that calmer waters await.  As the need for a boat sturdy enough to be able to make the perilous journey arises, Jordan and Stan find themselves dealing with the area’s trader, Terry, who is your all around smarmy sort of guy.

Overall I feel that this book was an improvement over the fist in the series and it seems that the little writing quirks that so drove me crazy in episode one were all but gone in this newer installment. This story has quite a few cringe worthy moment and also introduced a few new characters in the form of the rescued Selena and of course the smarmy trader Terry. The inclusion of Terry and his crew also served to remind you that even when the world is falling apart, there will always be someone there to profit from it. It will be interesting to see how the budding rivalry between Terry and Jordan develops and how far Terry will go to reclaim what he feels was stolen from him.

All told, A solid 3.5 stars and definitely looking forward to the next episode in the season.



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