A review of “Ravage: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel” by Iain Rob Wright

Originally posted to Amazon and Goodreads – September 2015

Another take on the apocalypse

I decided to read this book after a glut of mystery and romance because I needed something sane. Yes, for me ZA is “sane” as it is typically my genre of choice.

I really love the fact that it seems that no matter how many of these novels I read, I always “discover” something new. Yeah sure, there are certain givens but then there are other aspects that may not have been contemplated like why are some zombies fast and some slow? Or, what happens to all that flesh that is eaten? Do zombies digest somehow? Or, can zombies communicate with non infected? Then there’s my favorite and yet to be answered “Why hasn’t any of this infected the animals?” I mean can you imagine… birds….. <shudder>

Ravage does a really good job detailing the early days/months of the outbreak and follows two groups of survivors as they try to cope with the end of the world. The way Iain Rob Wright weaves their stories together into one is very well done. You get a good feel for who you can and can’t trust, but not all is what it seems. I even liked the nod (Easter Egg) to another novel of his when the group is holed up in the staff offices. The setting of a zoo/amusement park is also very unique, although I admit I would love to have seen a brief moment of levity where the survivors took a spin on the roller coaster or Ferris wheel just to break the monotony.

The end does detail the demise of one of the main characters but again it is done in such a way as to give you the briefest of glimpses into the infected mind. The epilogue particularly has now left me with another unanswered question hopefully to be answered by a future novel by this author (hint hint IRW 🙂 or another and that is:

What does the end of the world look like from the perspective of an infected?

I for one would be curious to find out…. not first hand of course! 😉

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