A review of “Spy Games (Notes of Necrosoph Book 7)” by Al K. Line

Full Disclosure – I was provided a copy of the book by the author as a member of his “A-Team”, however, have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

Time is not on Soph’s side

Still adjusting after the move to the countryside, Soph and the family are settling in and adapting to the space and the peace. Although still not quite used to the quieter life even after two years, having their friends, and various cast of necro creatures around them has helped him and the family feel more at east in their new surroundings. When Soph’s yearly missive comes calling he sets out to put his affairs in order before undertaking this years note. But after an ill-fated trip to the Necropub followed by a detour to the dwarven world and ending with unplanned drama on the home front puts Soph seriously behind schedule he must hurry if he wants to complete his note in the allotted time frame. When he finally gets on the road to finding his mark the destination, while very familiar, will not be easy. Soph has little time left, but with all things seemingly working to prevent him from completing will this be the last note, or can he pull off the impossible and live to see another year?

Spy Games is the 7th in Notes of Necrosoph series by author Al K. Line. Taking place approximately two years after the end of Blood Ties, Soph and the entire crew including the zoo are settling into their new surroundings. With that respect not much has changed but in other ways things are completely different. With the expansive land that the growing group of friends occupies everyone has their own space and being in a more remote location also allows for them to not have to conceal their Necro nature from the unsuspecting neighbors. But this does not shield them from the growing unrest that is starting to brew in the country. With rations even more stringent and power being cut sometimes for weeks at a time, this is bringing out the worst in people and Soph and the family find out that when one has nothing, one also has nothing to lose. Spy Games takes the prior formula Line uses and adds in a “what if” factor. With the notes having a finite amount of time to be completed, Soph historically has attempted to set off as quickly as possible. Never knowing where he is going or how hard it will be to locate and take out his Mark, the short time is precious. Adding in several events at home that take away from that time ratcheted up the urgency of the quest with what little time was left once Soph was finally able to recover and head out. So far there has only been talk about the fate of those who fail to complete their yearly task, and call me crazy but with all the craziness going on in this book a part of me was hoping that Soph would come down to the final seconds – not so he could fail, but so possible the masterminds would make a small appearance and we could get an idea for who (or what) is pulling the strings.

For those who may not be familiar with this series, it is best to start at the beginning with Necronote and read the series in order. If you are not already acquainted with the cast of characters or the world Line has created you will be very confused. For those who have been following this series, this will be an installment unlike any other. From beginning to end, this installment is packed with surprises, some good and some not so good but all working together to provide possibly one of the best books in the series to date.

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