A Review of “A Magical’s Gift” (The Magicals #5) by Maya Tyler

Full disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the author; however, I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

The Magicals series comes full circle

Amelie Ricard’s life revolves around faires. Having been told countless stories of the creatures by her mother her entire life, it is only natural that she would base her master’s degree on folklore. But when her thesis is rejected for a prestigious fellowship in favor of a male colleague she feels as if her purpose in life is shattered. Chicago in the 1960s is many things but for women, there are still many hurdles to overcome. That’s when she meets a man so magnetic she is drawn immediately to him. Niall Warde is stunning and is everything Amelie has ever wanted. Theirs is a whirlwind romance full of passion, but when an attempt on Amelie’s life sends her into hiding she fears she will never be able to tell Niall her secret – their secret. Content to leave to protect her son, Amelie bides her time, but when her mother’s minions learn of Kurtis’ existence and his life is threatened decades later, Amelie knows she must return to Chicago for the same reason she left all those years ago. Armed with a new purpose in embracing her Fairy nature, can Amelie, Kurtis, and Niall be a link for healing with the Wizards or will her son’s very existence ignite even more strife between the two magical factions?

A Magical’s Gift is the fifth and final in the Magicals series by author Maya Tyler and I think it is very fitting that she has ended this series at the beginning of the entire saga. Throughout the story, there have been hints as to the origins of the Fairy and Wizard conflicts, this final book ties together all the breadcrumbs dropped along the way in the most satisfying manner. Up to this point, for those who have followed this series from the beginning, names such as Amelie and Helene Ricard have been familiar major players in the feud between the Faires and the Wizards. With all of the build-up over the last four books and five years, it was beyond time to finally get their backstory.  Tyler does not waste any time getting into it, moving quickly to jump into the story in such a way that will grab the newest reader while treating long-time followers of the story with a familiar territory that is still new. Like all of Tyler’s books in this series, this is a romance, but it is also an adventure with some high family drama mingled in as well. And with the Magicals series complete, I am looking forward to what new worlds, characters, creatures, and situations Tyler may have planned next.  From “once upon a time” to “Happily Ever After”, The Magicals is a series that will delight romance enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

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