A review of “Witch Bitch (Notes of Necrosoph Book 5)” by Al K. Line

Full Disclosure – I was provided a copy of the book by the author as a member of his “A-Team”, however, have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

All in the family

With the implementation of extreme measures including the destruction of most cars and returning many roads back to the forests, the Earth appears to be recovering. But for Soph and his family, this means even more restrictions which leaves everyone on edge. But there is no rest as no sooner than Soph’s yearly note arrives his life goes sideways. The note will have to wait as Soph must first deal with Jen and a potential issue that could spell disaster down the road. With that “learning experience” out of the way Soph again gears up for his note, but the target itself is concerning. Couple that with the fact that Mawr has requested Soph and the entire family visit him prior to execution of the yearly note, and we have one nervous Necro on our hands. Why is his mentor summoning him to his home now? And while the target is yet unknown, the location is as familiar to him as his own house which makes Soph wonder if this will be his last assignment. With the time counting down, Soph enters a place as familiar as it is foreign. Whether he returns in one piece or is blasted into a million is anyone’s guess.

Witch Bitch is the fifth in the Notes of Necrosoph series by Al. K. Line. Picking up approximately two to three years after Kill Switch we see that the world is continuing its restrictive course. Drones are ever-present and the “powers that be” have instituted days where any electricity and technology are basically forbidden. But is this a tactic to control the populace or reclaim natural resources? Even though the yearly note is expected it is never welcomed and by the time Soph is ready to deal with his mark, it feels almost anticlimactic. But that is not to say that this is a slow book, not at all! Witch Bitch is just that chaotic! From absent-minded greedy dwarves to dealing with a budding bully and a surprise parent (or two) as well as Soph’s name being even more notorious among the Necroverse than he ever wanted there doesn’t seem to be a minute’s peace. I really loved the idea of Soph, Jen, Phage, and Woofer taking a trip together. While not under the best of circumstances, it was nice to see more of a family interaction that adds a human side to the life of a Necro. While not as violent at some of the previous books, Witch Bitch I believe is possibly a turning point in the story as it ties up a few loose ends, answers some questions, and also plants the seed for future developments both in Soph’s family and the lives of the other Necros around him. And with still no sign of the Brewer, Jen’s upgraded abilities, and new family members all around, Blood Ties, the next title in the series, is sure to be quite a ride.  

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