A review of “Girl on the Run: An absolutely gripping and addictive crime thriller (Detective Madison Knight Series Book 11)” By Carolyn Arnold

Full disclosure – I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book by the author or their representative but have voluntarily provided a review. All opinions are my own.

Random violence or targeted hit?

The bustle of the morning rush is shattered as shots ring out in Liberty station. When the smoke clears, two women are dead and a third is tenuously clinging to life. Detective Knight arrives on the scene and begins to investigate but what she discovers is troubling. Prior to the shots being fired, a young woman with an orange backpack apparently walked by and pilfered a small item from the coffee kiosk. As the customers in line start commenting on the act, they are confronted by the shooter and their fates are sealed. Was the shooting a random act of a deranged mind? Was one of the women potentially targeted and why? Or could the unknown female be part of a drug-smuggling operation? Joined by her partner the duo set out to piece together the puzzle to find the girl with the backpack and the killer. But when a visit to one of the victim’s homes results in a severe case of déjà vu for Madison, she feels that there is more to this story than they could have ever imagined. With one of the deceased possibly being her missing college classmate, coupled with a possible mafia connection Madison must navigate some personal demons as well as professional biases if she wants to bring this case to a close. But the answers aren’t always as simple as they initially appear to be.

While Girl on the Run is the eleventh book in the Madison Knight series of novels by Carolyn Arnold it is only the third that I have had the pleasure of reading. Even coming into the series “mid-stream”, Arnold has crafted the series in such a way that newcomers can dive right in without feeling as if they are missing any major plot points. In this book, we see Madison about a month recovered from the mafia-engineered car crash that put her in the hospital and ended her unborn child’s life. The discovery that her long-lost college friend may also have been one of the victims does not sit well with her. But as this adds a personal element that could cause her to be removed from the case, she must be very careful with how she approaches the case.

With Girl on the Run, the reader is treated to an action-packed thriller from the first page and when one loose end seems to be tied up, another one unravels. As I got into this book, I did not want to put it down, always looking for free moments where I could jump back in and find out what happens next. With an ending that I would not have seen coming, Girl on the Run is a definite page-turner that will satisfy the most seasoned reader.

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