A review of “One More Kill: A completely unputdownable pulse-pounding serial killer thriller (Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 9)” by Carolyn Arnold

One More Kill: A completely unputdownable pulse-pounding serial killer thriller (Brandon Fisher FBI Series Book 9) by [Carolyn Arnold]

Full disclosure, I was provided a copy of this book by the author or their representative, however, have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

One More Kill is scheduled for an October 19,2021 release

The Final Showdown

After being dormant for over a decade, The Leopard is back on the hunt. The serial killer who terrorized rural communities decades earlier, known for his ability to blend into his surroundings and take his victims unaware has returned to hunt once more. For Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper, the Leopard is a stain on his otherwise successful FBI career. As his first ever case, it was the one he couldn’t close and the one that got away. Now that the Leopard is on the prowl again it’s personal as Jack, Brandon, and Paige head out to Arkansas to track down the elusive predator. But as the clues start to fall into place, and the man behind the Leopard begins to materialize Jack realizes that this hunt is personal to the Leopard as well. As the team draws closer, the Leopard sets his sights on the thing that is most precious to Jack. When the Alpha Predator meets the person who has been hunting him for decades, will finally be able to nab the one that got away, or will he lose everything in the process?

One More Kill by International Best Selling author Carolyn Arnold is the 9th in the Brandon Fisher FBI series and is the tensest of the installments that I have read in this series to date. Arnold introduces us to “The Leopard” a chameleon of a killer who completely infiltrates his victim’s lives, gaining their trust before hunting them down and gutting them all while watching, and reveling as they take their final breath. Of all the serial killer books I have read, I do not believe I have encountered a killer quite like The Leopard whose methods are so brutal and so unique that it will make you shudder with trepidation the next time you enter a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. In the character of The Leopard, Arnold eerily illustrates the concepts of “not all murders use guns” and “you never truly know who someone is”. While One More Kill is listed as part of the Brandon Fisher series and he is part of the book, the real star is Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper. Faced with his biggest failure, Harper is determined to catch the Leopard and close the decades old case even if it means putting his entire career on the line to do it.  

As with all prior titles and series that Arnold has written, One More Kill can be read either as part of the larger story or stand alone. While there are mentions to other books in this series as well as also a brief mention to the Detective Amanda Steele sister series the plot does not hinge on knowing the entire series of events to date. I like this approach as the entire series could feasibly be read out of order and still enjoyed just as much as if the books were sequentially read. With One Last Kill, Arnold continues to solidify her trademark tagline with yet another thrilling read.

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