A Review of “Ravens In The Rain: A Noir Love Story” By Christie Santo and Jeff Santo

Ravens In The Rain: A Noir Love Story by [Christie Santo, Jeff Santo]

Full disclosure, I was provided a review copy of this book by the author or their representative but have voluntarily decided to write a review. All opinions are my own.

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there

Carney McMorris has not had an easy life. As the son of a famous action star Carney has always grown up in the shadow of Mitch McMorris. Now as an adult, Carney is struggling to find his way in the world that is not linked somehow with his dad. Prudencia Romiti seems to always be on the run. Trying to escape a life she has found herself thrust into to survive, she is chasing a stability that she craves but has not yet been able to secure. When the two meet by chance at a craps table in Vegas, Carney is taken by this mysterious woman, but after spending the evening together she disappears into the night. When she shows up in Venice Beach shortly after that, Carney does not know whether to feel surprised or apprehensive. But the more time Carney spends with this mysterious woman and as she slowly reveals her story to him, Carney finds himself thinking that together, they maybe be able to improve each other’s lives. But when Pru is implicated in a crime, will Carney run for the hills or stand by the side of the woman who has started to grow on him?

Ravens in the Rain is the debut novel by husband and wife writing duo Jeff and Christie Santo and marks their step out of the world of indie film and into print. Being a pretty big fan of the Noir genre, particularly the old Bogart movies of the 30s and 40s I was immediately interested in reading Ravens in the Rain. From the very beginning, I was not disappointed and at times I felt less like I was reading a book and more like I was watching a movie. While still holding true to the Noir theme, the duo has brought the genre into modern day and added in an offbeat romance that does nothing but enhance the story. Carney’ character, the struggling writer living off his father’s fortune and perpetual shadow had the potential to be a ne’er do well in his own right. Why work when your father’s glory still pays the bills? But Carney, to me, wanted more and did not seem to be satisfied until he built something of his own. Enter Pru the femme fatale that had more layers than I think were even revealed in the novel. With such vibrant characters, it was easy for me to pull for the uncanny duo. Overall, I really enjoyed the debut and will look forward to many more Santo stories in the future. Based on what I have seen with Ravens in the Rain, I am sure that I will enjoy whatever they offer up next.

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