A review of “The Apocalypse Strain” by Jason Parent

The Apocalypse Strain (Fiction Without Frontiers) by [Jason Parent]

Full disclosure – I was provided an advanced reader’s copy of this book by the author or their representative but have voluntarily provided a review.

Molli wants to come out to play

At the Shakhova-Mendelsen Siberian Research Center, some of the globe’s best and brightest have converged. Studying everything from Pandora viruses, advancements in botanical sciences, to simulating life on Mars, the scientists, astronauts, and astrophysicists are secluded and focused. But the center is not without opposition as even in the frozen tundra protestors and agitators gather to protest the research within. When a seemingly routine permafrost dig results in the unearthing of an eons old organism, the center is turned inside out.  A never-before-seen virus nicknamed Molli by its main researcher is causing quite the stir. Armed with attributes to help certain organisms and completely decimate others, this virus is as powerful as it is terrifying. When the unthinkable happens and the research facility gets compromised, the fate of humanity falls to a handful of survivors to contain the virus or die trying.

In the age of Coronavirus, The Apocalypse Strain hits a little too close to home. Author Jason Parent illustrates a worst-case scenario of what can happen when the unknown is unleashed. I was completely caught up in this book, and the writing style was so vivid that it was easy to imagine myself amongst those trying to escape before they were assimilated.

I previously read They Feed and was an instant fan of Parent’s work. Where They Feed has an old school horror “Cabin in the Woods” or “things that go bump in the night” sort of feel, Apocalypse strain is every bit reminiscent of “Alien” or “The Thing”. A relentless pursuing of an unknown with no way out and little chance of escape. But even with that being said, the conclusion left a glimmer open for a part two, and if a sequel is in the works, I will happily take a front row seat for more Molli carnage.

For fans of an unknown enemy that packs a psychological and visceral punch and tension at every turn Apocalypse Strain will keep you engrossed right up until the end.  

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