A review of “Filthy Moolah: (Freaky Finders Book 3)” by Al K. Line

Full Disclosure – I was provided a copy of the book by the author as a member of his “A-Team”, however, have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

When Wedgies Go Wrong

Filthy Moolah is the third installment in the Freaky Finders series of books by author Al K. Line. Set some time after Faery Golem, Freaky and the team are living a comfortable life. Business has picked up; the bills are getting paid and they even have a little bit of free time. But free time is not always a good thing as idle hands and minds usually end up causing mischief, and when Freaky and Hanna set out to give an almighty wedgie to a certain omnipotent being all hell breaks loose. Having landed firmly on God’s naughty list and after having been visited by His messenger Freaky and Aunty are marked yet again and tasked with a job for the Big Man himself. With the timer ticking down, Freaky, Aunty, and the gang descend yet again into the depths of hell to break out one of their scariest residents, but with the entire Underworld on alert, it will not be easy. Why God wants Meatman is no concern of the team as the job pays well. They just need to survive to collect the moolah.

True to form, Line has delivered yet again with a raucous urban fantasy that jumps right into the action and does not let the reader breathe for a second. Having to deal with everything from “normal” family members, to perverted bluebirds, vampires, scary cannibals, and the most pleasant person to ever live, the gang really has their work cut out for them. Meatman as a character sounds like a scary tale told by a campfire, but the concept was perfect and Line’s imaginings of the structures of not only Hell but its Heavenly counterpart were so vivid it was easy for me to imagine. It was also good to see some of the more minor characters have a larger part of the plot this time around. It’s nice to see Pete and Furball getting to be more than just the occasional side character or comic relief and I am really curious to learn more about those two in upcoming installments.

If you are already a fan of Line’s work, Filthy Moolah will not disappoint. If you are new to his novels, sit back, grab a cup of tea and get ready for a fast-paced, chaos-filled fantasy tale that will have you wanting more.

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