A review of “Rogue Wolves Prison: An Omegaverse Romance” by Cara Wylde and Eva Brandt

A slightly formulaic but otherwise enjoyable Omegaverse tale

In the remotest reaches of the desert there stands a prison where only the most dangerous werewolves are housed. With walls of solid steel and silver lined bars the Alphas and Betas you encounter in this place are not to be messed with. It is in this environment that Angela Ash finds herself thrust after murdering her promised mate. As the lone Omega in the facility, Angela is extremely vulnerable to attacks from not only the inmates but the prison guards as well.

Killian Wolfsbane is the most dangerous Alpha in Rogue Wolves Prison. Charged with the murder of his Alpha father, Killian has been disowned by his pack and left to rot in the desert fortress. But with the Omega’s arrival, Killian feels the atmosphere in the prison change. What Killian doesn’t know is that the Omega he can’t get out of his head could very well be his soulmate. But when a new owner makes himself known, Killian is faced with a past he wished would stay buried.

I was first introduced to the entire concept of Omegaverse through Wattpad fanfiction (Yes, I admit it. I’m a sucker for Wattpad). I was immediately drawn into the stories and I thought that they were well thought out, highly imaginative, and very nicely executed. With most of my authors in between updates or with stories on hold for one reason or another, I decided to look for an Omegaverse that didn’t involve the same cast of characters. I picked up a copy of Rogue Wolves Prison and figured I would give it a shot. While the story did hold my attention and the characters were likable and even interesting, I was disappointed mostly in the execution. Maybe I was spoiled by the imagination and intricacies of the prior fics I read, but I thought this story was a tad formulaic and almost cliché at times. (including a really utterly predictable event, but I will not spoil it here in my review.)  So, I didn’t love the story, I also didn’t hate it. I just wished that I got more Omegaverse and less “Harlequin Romance”.  

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