A review of: “Scavenger Girl: Secrets of Blood” by Jennifer Arntson

Scavenger Girl: Secrets of Blood by [Arntson, Jennifer]Full disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the author; however, I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

Some secrets can’t ever be shared

Secrets of Blood is a stand-alone book in the Scavenger Girl series by author Jennifer Arntson. For fans already of the Series, Secrets of Blood follows the story of Ana a scavenger sold to a wealthy household during the Festival of Atchem. With her primary role being that of a surrogate, Anna has a thankless and demanding job and, failure is not an option as scavengers only get one chance. When a situation arises that jeopardizes Anna’s position as a surrogate, an opportunity arises that may provide a resolution. Anna finds herself in an arrangement so taboo it can’t even be talked about, but she also develops a bond with an unlikely ally also tasked to keep the arrangement a secret.  Even though some secrets can never be shared, those are the secrets that are hardest to keep quiet.

While Secrets of Blood is a stand-alone novel within the world of the Scavenger Girl series, it also provides some much sought after back story for fans of the series. Since the story takes place in the years leading up to the events of Season of Atchem, many familiar faces are present as well as others only mentioned in passing conversations. I really feel that this story does a good job of not only providing back story for the current fan but also as an introduction to the much larger series in the main Scavenger Girl novels. After having read the first four books in the main series and going back in time so to speak to read Secrets of Blood, I have gained a new perspective on a few of the series’ characters and if possible, even developed a tinge of sympathy for one certain villain. With Secrets of Blood, Arntson has done a great job of expanding the Scavenger Girl realm and providing new depth and perspective. I really hope she chooses to write more of these prequel type books for additional characters in the future.



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