A review of “Las Vegas Girl: A Gripping, Suspenseful Crime Novel” by Leslie Wolfe

Las Vegas Girl: A Gripping, Suspenseful Crime Novel by [Wolfe, Leslie]Full disclosure – I was provided a copy of this book by the author, however, I have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

Murder in Sin City

Las Vegas Girl is the newest crime novel by author Leslie Wolfe. Taking a break from her primarily Florida based police procedurals, this newest tale takes place in Sin City. Recent arrival Detective Laura Baxter is teamed up with veteran Detective Jack Holt to investigate the murder of a young woman at the posh Aquamarine hotel. With the victim identified as the sister of the Governor’s fiancé, the duo is under strict orders from the Deputy Chief to steer clear of the family. With both officers on probation for previous issues, they cannot afford to mess up, but they also cannot be expected to solve this case when both their DC and the Judge assigned appear to be stonewalling them. With a little ingenuity and some extracurricular detective work, the duo uncovers the details of a scandal years in the making that may very well shake the foundations of the Las Vegas Metro PD.

With the Las Vegas strip being one of the most recognizable places on Earth and having watched many a CSI episode in the past, it was fairly easy for me to immerse myself in the story. Leslie’s newest protagonist, Detective Laura Baxter, is a British transplant with a tragic past and anger management issues. I totally love her drive to get the bad guy no matter what it takes. Detective Holt also isn’t squeaky clean and harbors a secret that could ruin his career at best and send him to jail at worst. The unlikely duo is a good pair and it was interesting to watch them try to feel each other out as first-time partners while trying to skirt the political landmines of their high-profile case.  With as complex as these two characters are, each keeping secrets and buried traumas to themselves I am hoping that this is the first in a series of books involving the pair. There will always be crime in Las Vegas and I’m hoping Baxter and Holt will stick around to take the bad guys down.


If you like books with a strong female lead who is smart, flawed and just a little bit devious I would recommend Las Vegas Girl or any other title by Leslie Wolfe.


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