A Review of “Angel Eyes (Wildcat Wizard book 4)” by Al K. Line

Full Disclosure – I was provided a copy of the book by the author as a member of his “A-Team” however have voluntarily chosen to write a review. All opinions are my own.

Angel Trouble

Arthur “The Hat” Salzman is back in the fourth installment in the Wildcat Wizard Series. Finding himself ever further in the employ of the vampires currently lead by Ivan (formerly “Brains”) Arthur can’t catch a break. Just as one job is completed and all he wants is about a week’s worth of rest he and Vicky are sent to retrieve a book of particular importance to Mikalus. Getting the book was easy… too easy, and that’s what worries Arthur. The more he tries to deliver his current package the more he realizes that this will not be easy as the book has not only garnered the attention of the vampires, but also Cerberus and an impossibly scary and relentless angel. Arthur has his hands full as he attempts to complete his current task without being killed in the process.

“Angel Eyes” is the fourth in the Wildcat Wizard series of books by Al. K. Line and this one is chock full of magical action as we would expect, but this time we also have a dash of drama thrown in. A few details of Vicky’s home life momentarily takes center stage, and it’s not pretty. Arthur suddenly finds himself playing host to a house full of females as Vicky and her girls come to stay for a while until her situation can be figured out. The insertion of Vicky and the sprogs into Arthur’s sanctuary makes for some of the funnier portions of the book. Poor Arthur’s clean, serene sanctuary is turned into chaos overnight and the resulting stress on the Hat is amusing. I also really like how Arthur goes into a little of his personal history regarding how he became a wizard and who he learned the tricks of his trade from. This, for me was a much-needed back story piece to help further understand what makes the Hat tick. Where the story ends, there is a lot of potential for the next book be either really sappy, really violent or both. Considering that the working title for book 5 is “Honor Bound” I am hoping that it’s a combination of both.

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