A review of “Blood Memory Season 1 Episode 3” by Perrin Briar

Organized zombie hordes in the mist? Shudder!

In Season One Episode Three we find our survivors on their newly acquired catamaran in the midst of a dense fog planning a trip ashore for supplies before making the long trip to hopefully calmer waters. Once on land, they encounter not only a group of locals but also a zombie horde that seem dead set on keeping them from returning to their boat and the relative safety of the sea.

All is not what is seems in this episode and things get downright weird.  With everything from the creepy shop keeper carrying on as if nothing is wrong to “Ugly” the sentient zombie, this installment definitely has its twists and turns. As we say hello to some new characters and goodbye to others, it becomes clear that dry land is not some place our heroes want to be.

I really love how there seems to be sort of a “hive mind mentality” among the infected apparently centered around Ugly. This is a concept that I have only seen explored by two other authors and the implications of such a concept are downright scary.  It’s bad enough having to deal with mindless flesh hungry creatures that will stop at nothing to rip you to shreds, but to think of having an army of them controlled by one or two “generals” so to speak? Shudder!

This installment was definitely action packed with a thrilling conclusion that left me wanting to know what happened next.

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